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Solar Company’s Rebranding Sells Lifestyle, Not Panels


A company’s identity is the most important element to accurately and consistently convey. Whether a company is a two-person startup or a Fortune 500, the perception by both customers and employees can make or break its reputation—and ultimately, its bottom line. Strong branding, therefore, is essential. Aside from enhancing recognition and garnering trust, branding builds financial value and inspires employees. ... Read More »

What Do Electric Co-ops Look For in Community Solar?

solar for utilities

Serving 42 million people in nearly every state, electric cooperatives are consumer-owned utilities that are highly involved in the community. Across the U.S., these cooperatives are expanding their energy portfolios to include various forms of renewable energy, from wind and solar to biomass and hydropower. In fact, more than 90 percent of rural electric co-ops provide electricity generated from alternative ... Read More »

What Do Municipal Utilities Look for in Community Solar?

transmission lines

Public or municipal utilities are city-owned organizations that put power in the hands of the public. Dating back some 100 years in the U.S., municipal utilities now serve over 2,000 communities in America. “We are solely concerned with the customer benefit,” said Alex Hofmann, director of energy and environmental services at the American Public Power Association (APPA). Employing a consumer-centric model, these utilities are ... Read More »

Community Solar Industry Attracts Top Talent, Unrivaled Passion

photo post 3

Throughout this year, jobs in the U.S. solar industry are growing about 13 times faster than the overall economy. By the end of 2016, solar energy should employ more than 240,000 Americans. The fastest-growing segment of the solar industry, community solar, is taking the nation by storm and attracting top talent from a variety of backgrounds. From Rooftop to Shared Solar Matthew ... Read More »

Land Needed in Colorado’s High Country

Land in Colorado

Community solar developer Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is seeking land in Colorado with electrical distribution service provided by Xcel Energy, on which ground-mounted solar arrays can be built. Ideal land parcels are flat or low-sloping sites with a minimum of six buildable acres. Benefits to Landowners Landowners who lease or sell acreage to CEC will generate a steady, predictable stream ... Read More »