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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

Not too long ago, Electric Vehicles (EVs) used to seem like something out of The Jetsons, but they are quickly making their way into the mainstream, and for good reason. Not only are EVs consistently described as quiet, fast, and fun to drive, but they give you the power to divest from fossil fuels and save money in the long ... Read More »

Solar is Here to Stay: A Bright Future Ahead for the Industry

What will the solar industry look like under the new administration? This is a question many in and out of the renewable industry are asking. The good news is that the solar industry has so much momentum that it doesn’t matter who is in public office over the next 4 years. The solar industry is here to stay and is ... Read More »

The Sun is Shining on Women in Solar

There are more than 73 million women working today in the U.S. — 30 million more than in 1984. In fact, women account for a higher percentage of all workers in professional and technical occupations, reports the U.S. Census Bureau. And the solar revolution may be playing an important role. Adding some 35,000 jobs last year alone, the U.S. solar industry ... Read More »

Both Democrats and Republicans Advocate for Solar Energy

Americans may be divided when it comes to political beliefs, but there’s one movement that both parties can agree to support—solar energy. Harnessing sunshine was initially embraced by environmentalists devoted to reducing greenhouse gases emissions. When President Jimmy Carter signed the National Energy Act in 1978, one provision enabled private citizens to generate their own solar power and sell the ... Read More »

Fossil Fuels and Renewables Can Coexist

The enduring “us” versus “them” mentality: renewable energy and fossil fuels. Environmental advocates argue that the United States could be powered entirely by renewable sources from both a technical and economic standpoint. Proponents of fossil fuels argue that the only viable method for meeting our nation’s energy needs for the foreseeable future is to tap the earth’s natural resources. But nobody ... Read More »

Continuous Solar Growth and Plenty of Jobs

The holidays may be over, but the best present solar advocates received is just starting to take effect. The U.S. solar industry rejoiced a week before Christmas when Congress passed a three-tier extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), allowing the 30 percent credit to remain in place through 2019, and then decline gradually over the next two years. The ... Read More »

Community Solar Solutions Appeal to Eco-Conscious Millennials

Tech savvy and convenience oriented, the millennial generation is the most environmentally-conscious group in U.S. history. In fact, so many Americans born between 1980 and the mid-2000s feel sustainability should be a way of life that only 32% describe themselves as environmentalists—despite the fact that three-quarters believe our nation’s energy policy should focus on developing alternative sources. “Millennials view environmental protection more as ... Read More »

California Nonprofit Looks To the Sun for Financial Sustainability

When Rene Castro and Dr. Dean Toji learned about a project that used wind energy to support a local charity, their imagination took flight. What if they could do the same thing with a community solar facility—use the money from the clean energy production to support their nonprofit, while offering local residents green power at a cheaper price?  “If we ... Read More »

Arts Council Looks to Solar Energy to Make Art Available for All

From Amelia Earhart to Gandhi, fifth graders in Ellis County, Kansas dress as a famous figure of their choosing and present the impact their character has had on the world. The youth program is one of the most prominent, made possible by the Hays Arts Council. “To shave one’s head to become Ghandi, that’s a staggering level of commitment for a ... Read More »

Impacts of Climate Change Becoming More Apparent

From the thousands of walruses congregating on the beaches of Alaska to the changing behaviors of damselfish along the Australian Coast, climate change presents an imminent threat to species across the globe. Melting Glaciers Destroy Walrus Habitats Unable to find sea ice, a record number of walruses – some 35,000 – gathered along the shore of northwest Alaska at the ... Read More »