Learn About Community Solar

Partnership Profile: Huntington House HOA

John Sharp had been searching for ways to incorporate renewable energy into his Denver Homeowner’s Association for a few years before Huntington House HOA signed up for RooflessSolar with CEC. He explored onsite solar energy systems and wind turbines, but found both options were not physically feasible nor were they financially appealing. Then he heard about community solar and Clean ... Read More »

Businesses Benefitting from RooflessSolar

All businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, and many businesses are looking for ways to cut energy use. But the options available to address both of these at the same time are limited, especially for small or emerging businesses. With the cost of solar energy plummeting, and over one million solar systems installed, solar is proving to be ... Read More »

Community Solar Delivering Value to All Utility Customers

Grid performance and reliability is the primary goal for every utility. Given an electricity delivery system that has operated for the most part on 1950’s technology, delivering on that promise is a challenging and cost-intensive endeavor. And with the rapid growth of distributed energy resources—smaller local generating power sources versus massive centralized power plants—we are requiring more of the energy ... Read More »

5 Steps to Effective Community Solar Advocacy

It is the time of the year for legislative action, when state senators and representatives hear from constituents and craft legislation. If you live in a state or community that you think would benefit from community solar policy, or where you think the existing community solar policy can be expanded or improved, Clean Energy Collective wants to help you be ... Read More »

Guest Post: Why Education is Key to the Success of Community Solar

By Brian Doyle As Pacific Consulting Group’s Vice President of Client Solutions, Brian’s role is to enable utilities, developers and other renewable energy organizations to accelerate adoption of their renewable programs through a combination of unique customer research, analysis and design & messaging best practices.  Pacific Consulting Group is an established Silicon Valley research and consulting firm focused on renewable ... Read More »