Solar News by State

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

Not too long ago, Electric Vehicles (EVs) used to seem like something out of The Jetsons, but they are quickly making their way into the mainstream, and for good reason. Not only are EVs consistently described as quiet, fast, and fun to drive, but they give you the power to divest from fossil fuels and save money in the long ... Read More »

Businesses Benefitting from RooflessSolar

All businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, and many businesses are looking for ways to cut energy use. But the options available to address both of these at the same time are limited, especially for small or emerging businesses. With the cost of solar energy plummeting, and over one million solar systems installed, solar is proving to be ... Read More »

Press Release: TD Garden Taps Community Solar for Clean Energy, Lower Costs

WORCESTER, MASS. (February 13, 2017) – Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community solar solutions provider, has announced a deal with Delaware North, owner and operator of TD Garden, to reduce the electricity costs of New England’s largest sports and entertainment arena through community solar. TD Garden is serving as an anchor tenant in CEC’s 1.3 MW community shared ... Read More »

Pueblo County School District 70

Pueblo County School District 70 (D70), a public school district comprised of 21 schools serving 9,560 students in south central Colorado, recently made the decision to offset 100% of its electricity needs from Black Hills Energy with clean, solar energy. “It’s exciting to be the first school district in the state to employ this strategy, and I’m hopeful we are ... Read More »

How Small Businesses Are Reaping the Benefits of Community Solar

Small businesses around the country are realizing more and more the benefits of solar energy because of the incredible way to save on energy expenses. But for many small businesses, putting a solar system on their roofs or properties doesn’t make financial sense, or is outright impossible for many reasons. If you’re a small business and you rent your property, ... Read More »

Land Needed in Colorado’s High Country and Denver Area

Community solar developer Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is seeking land in Colorado with electrical distribution service provided by Xcel Energy, on which ground-mounted solar arrays can be built. Ideal land parcels are flat or low-sloping sites with a minimum of six buildable acres. Benefits to Landowners Landowners who lease or sell acreage to CEC will generate a steady, predictable stream ... Read More »

Community Solar: Giving New Yorkers the Power to Thrive

Fifty years ago, in the midst of the energy crisis, Halfmoon converted its town hall to solar energy and generated all the electricity needed to power the building. The nation’s first solar-operated commercial building received national attention, earning Halfmoon the nickname “Solar Town, USA.” Although energy costs dropped in the 1980s and the town hall was reverted to conventional energy—Halfmoon’s ... Read More »

Texas Solar Industry Provides Rewarding Jobs for Veterans

Texas is home to the second highest veteran population in the U.S., accounting for 13 percent of the 22 million American veterans. Having undergone intense training to serve their country under harsh conditions, veterans have developed a range of skills from leadership and perseverance to systematic planning and excelling under extreme pressure. Still, many veterans have difficulty finding meaningful work ... Read More »

Renters in NYC Can Live Green, Save Green

In New York City, nearly 70 percent of residents rent their homes. That’s twice the national average. While cost is a key factor for city dwellers who opt to rent over purchasing a home in the Big Apple, other considerations such as lifestyle and flexibility also play a role. For example, a young professional might have his or her heart ... Read More »

How Can Upstate New Yorkers Benefit from Community Solar?

While Halfmoon is named after its bow-shaped piece of land resembling a crescent moon, the town is gaining praise for embracing the sun. Dubbed “Solar Town, USA” in the late 1970s for being the first community to install solar panels on its town hall, the nickname began to fade several years later when energy costs dropped and the hall was ... Read More »