Texas Solar Industry Provides Rewarding Jobs for Veterans

Texas is home to the second highest veteran population in the U.S., accounting for 13 percent of the 22 million American veterans. Having undergone intense training to serve their country under harsh conditions, veterans have developed a range of skills from leadership and perseverance to systematic planning and excelling under extreme pressure. Still, many veterans have difficulty finding meaningful work ... Read More »

Solar Revolution Seizes San Antonio

Nestled in south central Texas, San Antonio averages 220 sunny days each year. Now the city, which experienced two sieges and battles during the Texas Revolution, is undergoing a new transformation 180 years later—a solar revolution. At the end of 2015, San Antonio had 108 megawatts (MW) of solar electric capacity online, a 23 percent increase from the year prior, according to ... Read More »

More Texas Utilities Embrace Solar Energy

With a state economy largely reliant on oil, natural gas and fuel processing, Texas is adopting solar power more rapidly than its history foretold. The Lone Star State installed an estimated 212 megawatts (MW) of solar electric capacity in 2015 alone, according to GTM Research. Predictions for this year are more than double that amount. Researchers expect at least 550 MW of ... Read More »

Texas Ranked 6th in Nation for Solar Job Growth

Job seekers pursuing careers in solar energy have a good chance of finding enticing opportunities in Texas. At the end of 2014, the Lone Star State employed 6,965 people in the solar industry, ranking it the 6th in the nation, according to The Solar Foundation’s Texas Solar Job Census. By the end of 2015, Texas solar employers predict that total will climb to ... Read More »

Solar Energy Takes off in the Lone Star State

The second largest state in the U.S., Texas leads the nation in total energy consumption—which isn’t surprising considering the 268,820 square miles it encompasses. Still, when compared to other states, Texas ranks among the top five for energy use per capita, illustrating its appetite for power. The good news is that the sunny Lone Star State is also experiencing rapid growth ... Read More »