In the News: South Carolina City Goes Solar

In the News: South Carolina City Goes Solar

This week CEC announced that South Carolina’s largest community solar program is now taking reservations, and we are excited to share that one of the first community solar customers, the City of Isle of Palms near Charleston, just received some great media coverage on their involvement in community solar.

In “Isle of Palms Signs Up For SCE&G Community Solar Program”, the Moultrie News explores what community solar is and how City of Isle of Palms officials hope to benefit from the new South Carolina program. CEC currently has three solar array projects under construction in South Carolina. As soon as the arrays are interconnected – potentially as soon as December 2017 – the city will receive a credit for every kilowatt produced by a portion of the panels.


Image of a solar array.

Pictured: An example of a solar array. Our South Carolina projects will look different than what’s pictured above as each array is unique and can vary in size and appearance based on the regulations surrounding community solar in a specific community and the types of panes available to fit the project.


The City of Isle of Palms is participating in community solar through a partnership CEC has with South Carolina Gas and Electric (SCE&G). Through the partnership, CEC develops, builds and maintains various RooflessSolar™ arrays throughout the state. SCE&G electric customers can participate in the program through buying or subscribing to panels within the CEC solar facilities.


According to the article, offsite panels are “a way for entities like the city and people to buy into solar power without the hassle of having to install and worry about solar panels on their roof” or property. Residential and commercial participants receive a credit on their SCE&G energy bill. To read the full Moultrie News article and learn why city leaders are making the switch to solar, click here. To see how businesses are benefiting from RooflessSolar, check out this case study.


Finally, South Carolina residents, schools, churches or municipalities may be eligible to participate in our new community solar program as well! To learn more and find out how to sign up, visit the SCE&G community solar page here.