Massachusetts Businesses Save Money with RooflessSolar™

Massachusetts Businesses Save Money with RooflessSolar™

Are you currently paying too much for your business’ electricity bills? RooflessSolar can help!

It’s no secret that there are several challenges facing business owners, including unpredictable energy rates, changing environmental standards, increasing sustainability demands from consumers and more. Traditional, on-site solar can be a great way to solve some of these issues, but challenges still exist, including:

  • Large, upfront costs
  • Lack of building ownership
  • Unsuitable Roof
  • Ongoing maintenance commitment

RooflessSolar, or community solar, might be the solution with no upfront costs and no panels on your roof or property. Check out our latest webinar below to learn more about RooflessSolar and how it can help save your business money:

Above: Want to cut costs? Watch Clean Energy Collective’s newest webinar to learn how Massachusetts businesses can save money with RooflessSolar.

CEC currently has panels available for subscribers, so visit to sign up and immediately see savings on your electric bill.