Oregon Residents One Step Closer to Community Solar Options

Oregon Residents One Step Closer to Community Solar Options

Last week the Public Utility Commission of Oregon (PUC) adopted new community solar rules that will bring Oregonians one step closer to participating in and benefiting from local solar projects beyond placing solar panels on one’s roof.

As reported by the Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA), the program approved last week would enable initial development of more than 150 megawatts (MW AC) of community solar projects statewide, enough to serve around 22,000 households. Community solar allows multiple energy customers – families, businesses and schools – the ability to share in the benefits of a local solar project and receive credit on their electric bill for their portion of the clean power produced.

Any electric company customer would be able to participate in the approved program – including homeowners, renters, businesses, schools, and local governments. At least 10% of the program will be reserved for low income households.

While this is a great first step towards community solar in Oregon, there is still a lot of work to be done before projects can begin. To find out what’s next and how solar industry leaders are responding to the latest community solar developments in Oregon, read the CCSA’s article here.

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