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Dale and Cherylyn Baker

Ten years ago, Dale and Cherylyn Baker of Fort Collins explored the possibility of installing solar panels on the roof of a new shed they were building. “It didn’t make economic sense to do that at the time because solar was expensive,” Dale said. As technology improved, incentives became more common, and community solar was born, the Bakers re-explored adopting renewable ... Read More »

How Does Community Solar Compare to Rooftop?

The cost of residential solar electricity has dropped 45 percent since 2010, making the sun an attractive source of energy for more Americans. While researching solar systems and collecting quotes, many residents and business owners are faced with a decision—install rooftop solar panels or subscribe to a community solar array? Both options possess benefits and drawbacks. However, because community solar is still a relatively ... Read More »

Maximizing Denver’s 300 Days of Sunshine

Denver residents are taking advantage of the city’s sunny days and mild temperatures—and turning the sunshine into solar energy. At the end of 2014, the Mile High City had 58 megawatts (MW) of solar electric capacity installed, ranking it the 8th top solar city in America. The cities were evaluated by Environment Colorado and released in the 2015 report, Shining Cities: ... Read More »

What Does the Future Hold for Community Solar?

Each day, more Americans are recognizing the benefits of solar energy and considering an installation on their home or commercial property. But many are discovering their rooftop is unsuitable to host a solar electric system, and thus—the community solar movement is taking off. Community solar allows residents and business owners to share the solar power produced by a large-scale array built within their community. ... Read More »

How Can Residents Benefit From Community Solar?

In the United States, there are enough solar electric systems installed to power 3.2 million average-sized homes. As solar energy becomes cost-competitive with conventional energy sources, more Americans are looking toward the sun to power their homes and businesses. Unfortunately, not every rooftop can host solar panels, nor is every living situation practical for an on-site installation. However, thanks to advances in technology ... Read More »