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Go Solar Without Tying Up Your Rooftop

Solar panels are becoming a common site on residential rooftops, commercial buildings and vacant fields from Massachusetts to California. In fact, the U.S. solar industry had a record-shattering year in 2015, installing nearly 7.3 gigawatts (GW) of solar electric projects—more than eight times the amount installed just five years prior in 2010. Despite the solar revolution being in full swing, only half ... Read More »

Referral Program Offers Broad Opportunities to Cash In

Whenever Fort Collins resident Hartmut Renger meets a friend for coffee or has dinner with family, the topic of community solar will likely come up. Renger, a semi-retired anesthesiologist, purchased 20 solar electric panels in the Riverside Community Solar Array, developed by Clean Energy Collective (CEC) in partnership with Fort Collins Utilities. During casual conversations about his new endeavors, Renger ... Read More »

Fossil Fuels and Renewables Can Coexist

The enduring “us” versus “them” mentality: renewable energy and fossil fuels. Environmental advocates argue that the United States could be powered entirely by renewable sources from both a technical and economic standpoint. Proponents of fossil fuels argue that the only viable method for meeting our nation’s energy needs for the foreseeable future is to tap the earth’s natural resources. But nobody ... Read More »

New York City: A Model for Sustainability

Residents of Manhattan are stuck in the mid-1920s. These city dwellers consume gasoline at the same rate the American public did when the Ford Model T dominated the dirt roads. The convenience of proximity and availability of public transit make owning a vehicle unnecessary—enabling residents of the Big Apple to live inherently sustainable lifestyles. “Most Americans, including New Yorkers, think ... Read More »

Alpine Bank

Founded in 1973 in Carbondale, Colo., Alpine Bank is an employee-owned community bank with 37 locations statewide. After surveying owners and discovering that environmental preservation was an important value, the bank founded a “Green Team” and established sustainability initiatives. In 2008, the locally operated bank committed to purchasing 100% of its electricity from clean energy sources. “If we’re going to ... Read More »