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Bridging the Gap to Clean Energy with Community Solar

Avery Louise Bang is dedicated to connecting isolated communities to basic needs through the construction of footbridges over impassible rivers. Now the CEO of the nonprofit Bridges to Prosperity is bridging her own transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. The rooftop of Avery Bang’s Denver home was shaded by a tree, so she searched for alternative ways to go solar. “Community ... Read More »

Jessica Turner

Jessica Turner wanted to go solar, but didn’t want to have a solar array installed on the roof of her Putney, Vermont home.  She learned about community solar through Putney native Nick Ziter, founder of SunFarm Community Solar, which teamed up with Clean Energy Collective (CEC) to develop a 144 kW shared solar facility. Constructed on Bellows Falls Road, the Putney Community Solar ... Read More »

Community Solar Won’t Kill Off U.S. Bird Populations

The windows of single-family homes and low-rise buildings are to blame for the deaths of some 365 million to 988 million birds each year in the U.S. It’s an unfortunate issue, but one that is unlikely to change, unless windowless architecture becomes the new fad. Bird deaths have made headlines, particularly those in the Mojave Desert, where the concentrating solar power ... Read More »

Claiborne Coyle

In 1967, Claiborne Coyle built a solar-powered model train as part of a physics project. The event sparked his interest in solar energy. Four decades later, Coyle looked into installing solar panels on his property in East Dummerston, Vermont. “I would set up a private system, but my home sits in a valley with little sun,” Coyle revealed. The Windham ... Read More »

Last Day to Support Massachusetts Community Solar Bill

Clean Energy Collective has an urgent request for all supporters of community solar in Massachusetts!  The Massachusetts legislature has been considering a bill that will create the next level of solar programs. House Bill 4185 has been an ongoing compromise between solar companies, utilities, and the state. The proposed bill removes caps on net metering and establishes a secure program to reach ... Read More »