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Partner Program Generates Cash, Credibility for Community Groups

Community groups and businesses that value environmental stewardship are building their reputation and earning cash through a unique partner program. Clean Energy Collective (CEC), a community solar developer with projects in eight states, is building a nationwide network of partners that aspire to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place for future generations. Solar installers, sustainability organizations, nonprofits, schools and others ... Read More »

Wynkoop Dental

The first certified green dental office in Denver, Wynkoop Dental is dedicated to eco-friendly business practices. “It’s something that’s been always important to me,” said Dr. Chelsea Stangl, founder of Wynkoop Dental. As she was finishing dental school on the East Coast, Dr. Stangl was shocked by the amount of waste created in the dental industry. “You’re literally filling a ... Read More »

Fort Collins Community Solar Array Doubles in Size

Soon to be built at the former Dreher Pickle plant, the Fort Collins Community Solar Array has doubled in size. Local residents purchased the initial solar capacity of 333 kilowatts (kW) in record time, prompting the expansion to 620 kW. Situated at the corner of Riverside Avenue and Mulberry Street, the community solar project will be the first collaboration between ... Read More »

Construction Begins on Boulder County’s Second Community-Owned Solar Array

Construction has begun on the second community-owned solar facility serving Boulder County. This week, crews are installing the posts, racking, and 305 watt solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for the Boulder Cowdery Meadows Solar Array 2. Located beside the first community-owned solar facility off of Marshall Road in Boulder County, the second 500 kW project will also serve residential and commercial customers ... Read More »

Paul Norton and Debra Lew

Boulder, Colo. resident Paul Norton and his wife Debra Lew are renewable energy champions. For 15 years, they both worked for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), before Paul founded Norton Energy R&D, which develops zero energy homes, and Debra became a technical director for GE Energy Consulting—focusing on power systems planning, design and operations. Following their passion, the couple wanted to ... Read More »