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Overcoming the Barriers to Rooftop Solar

The dramatic decline in the cost of solar energy, combined with a greater understanding of its financial benefits have made rooftop solar more appealing to homeowners across the US. But some clean energy enthusiasts have discovered that installing solar on their property isn’t as easy as it may sound. Trees, skylights, chimneys, roof structures and aesthetic restrictions by Homeowners’ Associations ... Read More »

Town of Breckenridge

Committed to achieving environmental, economic and social sustainability, the Town of Breckenridge has engaged it citizens and developed a plan to sustain its community for 2030 and beyond. One tactic is to reduce the mountain town’s carbon footprint by utilizing more renewable energy. “Solar gardens are a financially beneficial way to reduce that footprint,” said the Town’s Financial Services Manager Brian Waldes. The ... Read More »

Community Solar Complements Rooftop as Residential Market Booms

The first three months of 2014 marked the first quarter in recent U.S. history that more residential solar electric systems were installed than commercial solar arrays. GTM researchers, who collected the Q1 data, believe the residential market will continue its upward trend and outpace the non-residential market on an annual basis as soon as 2016. “We forecast that 6.6 GW ... Read More »

David Schmidt

For one year, David Schmidt of Corcoran, Minnesota contemplated installing a residential solar electric system installed on his property.  But the commitment to spending thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars on a personal solar array was daunting. “I wasn’t ready to jump into a private installation,” David said. “It was too expensive.” Through his local utility, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric ... Read More »

U.S. DOE’s $15 Million Push to Expand Affordable, Community Solar

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) wants to increase access to affordable solar energy for communities across the nation — and it’s using $15 million to do so. The Obama administration announced on April 17 a funding opportunity through Solar Market Pathways, which aims to increase solar deployment by “making it simpler and easier for residents and businesses to join in ... Read More »