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Bennet Petry

Bennet Petry watched as farmers around Putney and the rural areas of Vermont began installing large solar arrays. “We have a lot of organic farmers in this area, and they were probably the first to do it,” Bennet recalled. “It just became very visual. That generated interest all over the place.” His curiosity piqued as well. Now retired, Bennet began ... Read More »

More Solar Installed in 18 Months Than Past 30 Years

Creative financing options, declining solar system costs, and evolving industry partnerships have contributed to solar energy’s most successful year in 2013. With a cumulative 440,000 solar electric systems now online in the U.S., the industry grew a staggering 41 percent over 2012. The industry statistics were released this week in the Solar Market Insight Year in Review 2013 by GTM Research and ... Read More »

Amadeus Consulting

Amadeus Consulting is a local technology solutions provider in Boulder, Colo. The company’s co-founder and chief information officer John Basso, described by his colleagues as a “sustainability innovator,” has embarked on a mission of zero waste and fully-sustainable company practices. After increasing Amadeus Consulting’s recycling and composting efforts while reducing its energy consumption, Basso wanted to incorporate solar energy, but ... Read More »

Russ and Pat Bushman

Minnesota is home to more than 52 native tree species with 17.3 million forested acres throughout the state. Hardy and majestic, these 70-foot Basswoods and 100-foot Red Pines create a considerable amount of shade, making it difficult to install a rooftop solar system. Russ Bushman has experienced this obstacle first-hand. “I have a strong interest in renewable energy options,” Russ said, ... Read More »

Steve Child

Concerned about the effects of climate change from the excessive burning of fossil fuels, Pitkin County Commissioner Steve Child felt a responsibility to reduce his carbon footprint. He was interested in using solar energy, but the roof of his Snowmass, Colo. home had both shading and heavy snow issues. “Investing in a community solar project in a sunny location without ... Read More »