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Brendan and Robin Miller

After owning a rooftop solar system on a previous home, Brendan Miller wanted to own another system—though he and his wife Robin now live in a Denver condo. Community solar offered the perfect solution. Ideal for homes that are unsuitable for solar—whether they’re governed by HOA regulations, shaded by trees or have rooftops facing the wrong direction—community solar makes clean energy accessible ... Read More »

Virtual Net Metering and the Future of Community Solar

Community solar is gaining momentum across the United States, making solar energy available to more people than ever before. One of the keys to facilitating shared solar is policy. “An interesting facet of policy is what it enables people to do within a given state,” Anna Brockway, SunShot Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy, said in a panel discussion. “If ... Read More »

Shouting Out in Support of Solar

Whether it’s shouting from the rooftops in support of solar energy or relaying that passion through cyberspace, solar enthusiasts across the U.S. will generate a collective buzz on Jan. 24. It’s the first National “Shout Out For Solar” Day, organized by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to increase awareness about “one of the fastest-growing industries in America.” Education, say industry ... Read More »

Matt and Amber Christian

Matt Christian and his wife Amber live in a townhome in Maple Lake, Minnesota. The couple was interested in solar energy, but their living situation made it “impractical and forbidden” to have a solar system installed on their property, Matt revealed. “We also did not want to handle the maintenance or upkeep ourselves.” The Christians heard about the option of ... Read More »

Greg Gerloff

Greg Gerloff’s home in Breckenridge, Colo. is powered solely by electricity. Therefore, offsetting his utility bill with solar power was especially appealing. “I had been looking into solar energy for years, but the challenges of on-property location and building it turned into a second thought,” Greg said. Community solar makes renewable energy accessible to anyone with a utility bill: homeowners ... Read More »