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Guest Post: Why Education is Key to the Success of Community Solar

By Brian Doyle As Pacific Consulting Group’s Vice President of Client Solutions, Brian’s role is to enable utilities, developers and other renewable energy organizations to accelerate adoption of their renewable programs through a combination of unique customer research, analysis and design & messaging best practices.  Pacific Consulting Group is an established Silicon Valley research and consulting firm focused on renewable ... Read More »

How Small Businesses Are Reaping the Benefits of Community Solar

Small businesses around the country are realizing more and more the benefits of solar energy because of the incredible way to save on energy expenses. But for many small businesses, putting a solar system on their roofs or properties doesn’t make financial sense, or is outright impossible for many reasons. If you’re a small business and you rent your property, ... Read More »

Solar is Here to Stay: A Bright Future Ahead for the Industry

What will the solar industry look like under the new administration? This is a question many in and out of the renewable industry are asking. The good news is that the solar industry has so much momentum that it doesn’t matter who is in public office over the next 4 years. The solar industry is here to stay and is ... Read More »

The Age of the Community Solar Customer

It’s the age of the customer, where a bounty of information is easily accessible and the power has shifted from the hands of the seller to the hands of consumers. The best performing companies understand what their customers want, turn that knowledge into action, and ensure their organization delivers what is promised. Importance of Solar Community Customers Community solar enables anyone with an ... Read More »

What Do Electric Co-ops Look For in Community Solar?

Serving 42 million people in nearly every state, electric cooperatives are consumer-owned utilities that are highly involved in the community. Across the U.S., these cooperatives are expanding their energy portfolios to include various forms of renewable energy, from wind and solar to biomass and hydropower. In fact, more than 90 percent of rural electric co-ops provide electricity generated from alternative ... Read More »