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How Can Upstate New Yorkers Benefit from Community Solar?

While Halfmoon is named after its bow-shaped piece of land resembling a crescent moon, the town is gaining praise for embracing the sun. Dubbed “Solar Town, USA” in the late 1970s for being the first community to install solar panels on its town hall, the nickname began to fade several years later when energy costs dropped and the hall was ... Read More »

Community Solar: Should You Buy, Lease or Subscribe?

Maybe your neighbor’s 40-foot maple tree casts shade on your rooftop. Or perhaps you’re reluctant to cover your aging roof in solar panels, making future repairs difficult and costly. Whatever the reason that on-site solar isn’t feasible for your property, community solar offers an alternate solution. Community or “roofless” solar allows businesses and residents to share the clean energy from a ... Read More »

Solar Jobs Soar in Colorado

Throughout 2016, jobs in Colorado’s solar industry will grow four times faster than the state’s overall job market. By the end of this year, solar power will employ more than 5,500 residents—greater than the population of Vail. “Solar power not only helps protect our environment and health—it helps accelerate our economic success,” Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said in a statement. Steadily attracting ... Read More »

The Sun is Shining on Women in Solar

There are more than 73 million women working today in the U.S. — 30 million more than in 1984. In fact, women account for a higher percentage of all workers in professional and technical occupations, reports the U.S. Census Bureau. And the solar revolution may be playing an important role. Adding some 35,000 jobs last year alone, the U.S. solar industry ... Read More »

Solar Revolution Seizes San Antonio

Nestled in south central Texas, San Antonio averages 220 sunny days each year. Now the city, which experienced two sieges and battles during the Texas Revolution, is undergoing a new transformation 180 years later—a solar revolution. At the end of 2015, San Antonio had 108 megawatts (MW) of solar electric capacity online, a 23 percent increase from the year prior, according to ... Read More »