South Carolina’s Largest Community Solar Program Now Taking Reservations

South Carolina’s Largest Community Solar Program Now Taking Reservations

Community Solar options are expanding in The Palmetto State! Today South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G), in partnership with Clean Energy Collective (CEC), introduced South Carolina’s largest community solar program. The 16 MWac program makes solar generation available to SCE&G customers who cannot, or do not wish to, install rooftop solar panels.

CEC Vernon, Wisconsin array.
Pictured: To give you an idea of what a solar array looks like, here’s a CEC installation in Westby, Wisconsin. Our South Carolina projects will look different than what’s pictured above as each array is unique and can vary in size and appearance based on the regulations surrounding community solar in a specific community as well as the types of panels available to fit the project.

“We often hear from customers who desire the cost savings and environmental benefits of solar energy, so we’re really proud to bring those advantages to even more customers,” said Danny Kassis, vice president of customer service and renewables for SCE&G. “For some customers, this program creates a pathway to solar energy where there wasn’t one before.”

Starting June 8, 2017, SCE&G residential customers and eligible nonresidential customers may now purchase or subscribe to CEC’s RooflessSolar™ array. As customer panels begin producing electricity, participants will lower their monthly electric expenses through the credits received on their monthly utility bill. SCE&G expects to interconnect the first two of three CEC-developed solar facilities by the end of 2017.

How the SCE&G-CEC Community Solar program works.Interested in learning more? Read the full press release here or visit for more information and to enroll in the program.

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