Manage Rising Energy Costs.

Learn How Small Businesses Save With RooflessSolar

With RooflessSolar, locally produced solar power can greatly reduce electricity costs every month. Also known as community solar, RooflessSolar is an optimally located solar facility in your area providing you with credits on your electric bill for the solar power produced in the community solar array.

Small businesses can now take advantage of solar power, even if your space is leased!

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How Small Businesses Are Reaping the Benefits of Community Solar

Six ways small businesses around the country are benfitting from RooflessSolar.

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Case Study: Wynkoop Dental

Locally-owned Wynkoop Dental is estimated to save over $100,000 with RooflessSolar.

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Case Study: Amadeus Consulting

Important to its vision, Amadeus Consulting is able to achieve its sustainability goals with RooflessSolar.


What our customers have to say...

Solar made simple


We build.

CEC builds and maintains an optimally sited RooflessSolar array in your area. This delivers electric power to your local utility.

You sign up.

You sign up for RooflessSolar and purchase your panels in the offsite solar array to meet your desired power (offset).

Start saving.

You receive bill credits directly on your electric bill for the solar power produced. You’ll start saving from day one!

Join the growing list of RooflessSolar customers!

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