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Seeking commercial & government entities, landowners, and residential electric customers.

With a new office expected to open in December, we have a Maine-based team actively pursuing commercial and government entities for our community solar arrays.
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Clean Energy Co (CEC) is seeking land for lease or purchase to develop and build community solar facilities. We offer competitive lease rates, and can design a system around your needs and preferences. We have more than 10 years of community solar leadership – having built the first array in 2010. We are pioneers in the industry, and have developed hundreds of projects, including the first in Colorado, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and more.

Here's what one landowner had to say about working with CEC:

"We were worried about preserving our farmland. With milk prices down and expenses up, we had to explore other revenue streams so our daughters could continue to operate the farm as the fourth generation. CEC was able to design a project that fit within our farm operations that provided us with annual revenue for the next 20 years!"

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Subscribe to clean, solar energy in your local community solar array to begin saving money – and saving the planet! Nothing is installed on your roof or property, and maintenance is covered by CEC.

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Receive discounts directly on your electric bill for the power produced by your solar panels.

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Support the production of clean, renewable energy and contribute to a significant reduction of local carbon emissions. The RooflessSolar array’s lifespan is equal to 56 million pounds of CO2 offset; 62 million car miles avoided; and 86,000 trees planted.

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Clean Energy Co's RooflessSolar, also known as community solar, is an optimally located solar farm built within your utility area. With RooflessSolar, customers receive credits on their electric bill for participating in the solar farm.

The solar farms site locations are chosen to allow the panels to tilt at the perfect angle, with no shade and lots of sun for maximum production. All RooflessSolar projects are built with commercial grade materials and provide up a 30% performance enhancement over traditional rooftop solar.

Clean Energy Co

Clean Energy Co (CEC) is the nation's leading developer of community solar solutions. CEC pioneered the model of delivering clean power-generation through medium-scale solar PV facilities accessible to all utility customers. Since establishing the first community-owned solar array, we have since built or have under development more than 175 RooflessSolar projects with 35 utility partners across 17 states – most recently Maine. We currently have over 110MW online and producing power.

We are headquartered in Louisville, CO, with a northeast office in Auburn, MA – and will soon be opening our Portland, ME office.

In April 2019, North American Infrastructure Partners (NAIP), a private investment company specializing in high-quality, infrastructure assets, announced a strategic investment in Clean Energy Co. This investment recognizes a commitment to accelerated growth in key markets across the U.S, including Maine, Connecticut, and New York – and, a multimillion dollar operating fund for innovation, development, and construction financing.

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